Use custom domain but adsense does not work, why

These days I am trying to add adsense to my blog in blogger , but I notice the adsense is not work ( of course in backend it wrote linked sucessfully , it is easy to link as guide says )

  I have tried to search reasons from different forum or even google help , but all method is not work .
  I have thought that it is because of my domain is blocked , but check in adsense , the url is active .
  I have thought my blogger does not support adsense , but when i use my original link , the adsense is work .
  I also check with my friend’s blogger , they use sub-domain, their adsense is work !  Just when I use the custom domain , it is not work
  I don’t know why but it is headache to solve , have to leave questions to google support forum .
  Headache to go along with now , I don’t want to use WordPress , it seems complicated to me .
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4 thoughts on “Use custom domain but adsense does not work, why”

  1. In order to let adsense work , I plan to use original domain , that means have to become 301 redirect .

    I think it might be ok , but I lose on this site .

    I also think of wordpress , but i don't want to put time and money to maintain it , just let it be .

  2. Are you still having problems? As long as you have an adsense account, you can create adsense codes for whatever domain name you want. I have one adsense account but I serve ads on 4-5 different sites. It should not be a problem. Perhaps the ads are not showing up in China?

    1. Hi, yes it should be , but i try not work 🙁
      I think it might because after I copy data from Blogger , Adsense think I have two domain but same data .
      Now , I let it be , I just put on what i want here

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