Solved Magento 1.6 MySQL core_session table size grows fast

After upgrade magento from to

In Phpmyadmin I just notice the size of core_session table grows fast than normal

I trustate data in core_session now , before , it reach 450MB and 250MB ….

Unknow what happen , at last have to ask a friend , he told me :

We do not recommend storing sessions in the database unless running a multi-store. You should see a performance benefit from storing sessions in the file-system. You can do this by editing your app/etc/local.xml, line 51 below.


Change to:


You may need to clear var/cache and can potentially truncate the core_session table subsequent to this change. This will be our only recommended solution to the issue you are describing.

I do according he says , it is work !

Now , I have my author name : Winsion Liang  🙂  , link here Winsion Liang


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