Magento 1.6 install google content api issue

Recently install the google content API module into my magento

My idea is to upload some products to google base only , the installation is not easy , I have to create lots of attributes to meet google feed’s requirement ,

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But finally when i finish everything I get error code :

Error code: auth/frontend/whitelisted. Internal reason: Customer xxxxxxx has not been whitelisted for the Content API for Shopping.

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I search info and know that I need to apply the whitelist permission from google ( Unknow why they create such a useful API but not allow people use it ! )

But after writing a long email , google staffs just reply as below :

Dear winsion,

Thanks for contacting us. Your request for using Content API for Shopping has been declined. Please upload your product with data feed. Please find more information about data feed as follows.


Google Shopping Team

The answer is polite but without any explains on why not allow . ­čÖü ┬áThat make me quite disappoint .


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