How to use Sublime as external code editor in FileLocator Pro

   Today I found a good code tool , FileLocator Pro , just to search target words within any type of files , like html , php , txt etc., 

I like it much because it looks very clear . But I notice bottom right is able to view only , can not edit file at the same time , that means have to use external editor .  At present I am using sublime as code editor , after reference Editplus and other choice’s , I know “$(FILEPATH)” is to open the file accordingly , but the working line is not the same between Filelocator & sublime ,

The filelocator provide choice to link Editplus so as others,  there is no sublime linking method . ( that means when turn on external editor , it just stay in row 1 , can not locate to same place as FileLocator’s , it is obviously not friendly play .)

filelocator -1

I spend whole afternoon to find a result in internet , until at night , I found a link ,

where wrote this :

Application=C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 2\sublime_text.exe

filelocator config -2

i test half hour to get correct answer : 


Now when I click open external editor in right corner some where , for example row 99 ,  the sublime will turn on and locate to same line , row 99

I am very pleased to solve this and get useful tools for future development tonight.

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