Happy Valentine’s Day in China

Yesterday is The Valentine’s Day (European version ) , I notice these years this festival is more and more hot in China , and lots of boys buy roses , go to restaurant  , watch film in cimena , make an offer of marriage …..

Maybe I am old  , I have to focus on own business today , have not much moods on this . Before 10 years , this festival is just hot in Hongkong . Now the Merchant adviser notice people love to play foreign country’s festival , they publish more and more advertisement to focus Valentine’s day .

Besides this festival , in China , there is a similar holiday as  Lanterns Festival  , so men have to pay both !

As a man , I start to feel some pressure on it , because everything seems quite expensive today .  Chinese living price is raising fast in these 3 years .

The Valentine’s day in China become more and more hot today , but remember this holiday is not an official holiday yet …..

I heard in recently years , Foreign country has less atmosphere on Valentine’s day , I can not confirm and don’t know why .

Here , some interesting propose method :

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