Strange issue:Google does not index renew website

Hi , long time not to talk , because I jump to a new company dealing outdoor products ,

Recently I make the website in magento ,  for testing purpose , I make the URL link as

I had thought that this looks like Word press blog URL , but unknow why google does not index ???


The website was ASP before , I moved the domain from  China to USA , then install magento , but unfortunately after install the magento , I am too busy , have to pause working for about 2 weeks , the site was set as “NO INDEX , NO FOLLOW” during this period .

In these two days , I upload products but notice nothing index … Now you can see the old links are all in ASP if “” , and there is no main website in first link ….

I hope it was not banned . Hope that some one can give me and idea .

The website link is , welcome to test it . Thanks



One thought on “Strange issue:Google does not index renew website”

  1. at last I solve the issue ,,, Just try to delete some un-useful links in google webmaster , then publish 1- 2 links outside , The google spider will try to climb again .

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