[Video] No Oxygen tank ! Dreamlike sexy mermaid dive show under 10 meter water

On last Sunday I brought my daughter to visit the big shopping mall in Guangzhou , we didn’t buy thing , we went to the “Ocean Park” (Yes , the Ocean park is inside the shopping mall !!!)

At first , I had thought the park is small or even tiny , doesn’t has many animal , but at last I feel I am wrong .

It is a medium size Ocean Park and there are still interesting fish / creature there . But the most amazing show is : Dreamlike sexy mermaid dive show under 10 meter water , and No Oxygen Tank support at all !

I can not say how beautiful it is ,,,  just take the video as above . ( Slow network here , I spend whole day to upload !!!)

Good to share everywhere in the world .

Sorry to late publish this video because I didn’t touch Premiere for a long time to link those video clip together . If you are in GuangZhou now , call me to go there !  :-))

————– update mermaid interesting gif…


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