Change to use

Today I decide to forget , and change to use

When I register this site in , everything seems smooth before checkout , but in last step , after click checkout ,

Godaddy website reply :

Unfortunately, we are unable to process your purchase using this form of payment. Please utilize another form of payment, or contact (480) 505-8855 for further assistance.

Such a thing happen on all payment via Credit card , paypal from China , what do you think about this ?

Check on internet , some people says there is a method to solve :

1. Write email to godaddy , ask why can not pay , get this reply :

a.The items that you have in the cart that you are attempting to order.
b.Your confirmation that you authorize the charge shown in the cart (include the exact amount).
c.The last 4 digits of the payment method you are attempting to use (Adding and Updating the Credit Card Information for Your Account).
d.That you have read and agree to our Universal Terms of Service.
e.Please also include your account’s 4 Digit Support PIN.

2. Reply one by one , must tell customer service staff clearly , like what is inside the cart , what is the paying method ..  For example :

a. – 1 year $2.95+$0.18=$3.13
b.yes,i confirm authorize.$3.13
c. my last 4 digits payment is 1234
d. yes,i have read and agree to Universal Terms of Service.
e. my account 4 Digit Support PIN is 4321

3.  Then he will reply an email ask some permission on your account , like :

Accept Domain name registration agreement?  Agree to the Domain name registration agreemen ?

Of course you have to accept all .  Some one solve it .


But I hate this method ! I pay more without coupon by Alipay ,  just a small money , why do such things ?


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  1. You are a very persuasive writer. How do I know? Because I am usually unwaivering when it comes to my opinions. You made me rethink my thoughts on this topic.

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