03.02.2017 startupgrind GuangZhou

Tonight I attend startupgrind fair to see Steven Hoffman. He is a good teacher. 

1. what is starupgrind.

2.why we rate first.

3. what will be next to AI. Will our brain download knowledge from cloud ? 

4. what free lesson to get after create startup .

5. Find a good team .

6. CEO is important .

7. how to find funds. 

8. AD time : his new book “make elephant fly.”

QA: what is difference between idealab and starup. 

so many confused question … ( ´▽` )

understand new technology is important for future. 

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In Silicon Valley, Steven Hoffman is known as Captain Hoff. He’s the Captain and Chairman of Founders Space, where he has educated and trained hundreds of startup founders and corporate executives in the art of innovation.

Founders Space was ranked a Top 10 Incubator inInc. Magazine and the#1 Accelerator for startups coming to Silicon Valley from overseas in Forbes Magazine.

Always innovating on his life, Hoffman has tried more professions than cats have lives, including serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, angel investor, mobile studio head, computer engineer, filmmaker, Hollywood TV exec, published author, coder, game designer, manga rewriter, animator and voice actor.

As a boy Hoffman dreamed of making movies and games. He created over 50 short films and 80 games before graduating high school. Pursuing his passions, he earned a BS in Computer Engineering from UC Santa Barbara and a Masters in Cinema Television from USC.

His first job in Hollywood was reading TV scripts, but he quickly rose to development executive. Moving to Japan, he went on to work at Sega, where his group collaborated with Hollywood on interactive movies and games.

Upon returning to Silicon Valley, Hoffman founded LavaMind, which produced dozens of online and mobile games, as well as designed digital products for Disney, Qualcomm, Intel, MetLife and Sesame Workshop.

Hoffman launched Spiderdance, his second startup, producing interactive TV shows for MTV, NBC, Warner Brothers, TBS, Sony and A&E. At the same time, Hoffman helped found the Academy of Television’s Interactive Media Group and the Producers Guild New Media Council.

After writing a book on game design, Hoffman joined Infospace, as their North American Studio Head, where he ran US mobile games. Hoffman then cofounded three venture funded startups focused on media, games and entertainment.

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