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I feel interest on this Grasshopper hinged dissection

Amazing to see this in news email , just I don’t have enough time to test , there are many usage for this example .

Just remark here and thanks for author .


Another sample for morph stuff :

I did experiment a bit with using the Grasshopper cage morph stuff I posted here for this.

I warn that this is far from a conventional skeletal posing/animation workflow like you might use in Blender/Poser etc. and it is still far from easy – you have to manually move the cage points in the right way to not stretch or squash the form too much – and for very dramatic changes in pose it will probably break down.
Anyway, here it is if you want to try:


[Video] Use Grasshopper Firefly to connect Servo or Stepper motor

Long time not to appear , I suppose no one like to research such thing except me !

So how to control arm bot from computer side ? ( arm bot installed Servo or Stepper ) ,


I don’t like to use Arduino #C , because it is really hard and complicated . At last I feel Grasshopper + Firely is the best .

In the beginning I use Servo , it is pretty easy , just the Servo is too poor , it is not accurate at all . Here is the video .

Another video .

But when start to write ,it is poor looking , because the Servo is too poor  .

So at last I try to use Stepper to try , here is the 1st stepper to test in Grasshopper firefly .

Then I install it on my arm bot , For cost reason (Actually it is because of my poor wallet) , I use 28BYJ , the smallest and cheapest one .

First test after installation , notice I have revised the stepper motor by manual , it is tough looking . haha~

But at the beginning , there is a big issue , and I almost give up !

it is lucky that I resolve it . Here is another success small video.

Wow , is that smooth moving ?  let’s zoom it out !

I spend some months to make such thing , it is really waste time , but I love this hand-working-and-research .

Upload this article , just hopes the world won’t forget my efforts .