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Got extra 10G free google drive space via Quickoffice

After 1 – 2 weeks waiting , today I got extra 10G google drive space , google is a promised company

I knew that if installed quick office on mobile before Sep.28, 2013 , there is an extra bonus 10G for two years , then I tried to install on Sep.25, but at that time , my mobile does not have google play or google frame , even I rooted it , reinstalled those missing software , I can not login with quickbox . 

At last , I decided to replace whole android system for the first time . After a nervous waiting , my mobile started to work again , I installed google play & frame again , it is WORK !

Before Sep.28 , I logged in for  Quickbox for several time then wait until today . Oct. 04 , 2013 , I see the space raise as below picture 10G GG drive promotion

Although the promotion expires in Oct.03,2015 , I will like to use google drive more than dropbox .

Google established my Authorship

I got an email with excitement that Google allow my authorship .
You’ve established your Authorship, which means your photo and a link to your profile can now appear next to your content in search results.
It will benefit my future market promotion , I really have many things to publish later , see below to know why :
When your Authorship information appears, it will look something like this:

Your page title

Methods to find duplicate text in Google doc spreadsheet column’s cell then delete it

by Winsion Liang – in 41 Google+ circles.
A relevant snippet from the page will appear here. The excerpt will depend on the user’s search terms.
I hope my name “Winsion Liang” will become a brand in internet in the future . Good night everybody

Strange issue:Google does not index renew website

Hi , long time not to talk , because I jump to a new company dealing outdoor products ,

Recently I make the website in magento ,  for testing purpose , I make the URL link as www.xxxx.com/manufacturing/camping-tent/

I had thought that this looks like Word press blog URL , but unknow why google does not index ???


The website was ASP before , I moved the domain from  China to USA , then install magento , but unfortunately after install the magento , I am too busy , have to pause working for about 2 weeks , the site was set as “NO INDEX , NO FOLLOW” during this period .

In these two days , I upload products but notice nothing index … Now you can see the old links are all in ASP if “site:www.kycamp.com” , and there is no main website in first link ….

I hope it was not banned . Hope that some one can give me and idea .

The website link is http://www.kycamp.com , welcome to test it . Thanks



Filled with emotion after seeing Google Science Fair

Today when i open my gmail , i found a special link on page linked to Google Science Fair page .  When I open it and view what is that , I am impact with lots of wonder thinking ,  for what we did when we were young .

Uncategorized-Filled with emotion after seeing Google Science Fair

    In Google Science Fair page , it just wrote this in the beginning :

Have you asked a question today? What did you do with it?

Did it take you somewhere new? Did it bring you here?

The Google Science Fair is an online science competition seeking curious minds from the four corners of the globe. Anybody and everybody between 13 and 18 can enter. All you need is an idea.

Geniuses are not always A-grade students. We welcome all mavericks, square-pegs and everybody who likes to ask questions. Simply upload your project here to win some life changing prizes.

Everyone has a question. What’s yours?

Yes , I was too , when I am young , I had lots of question and wanted to research by myself , but at that age , 13 ~ 18 years old , we were in the middle school ,  13 ~15 in  junior high school , 16 ~ 18 in senior high school . So in China , what is the student doing ? Let me talk to you .

Junior high school : We spend 60~70% time on study bored course (proof useless in future working ) , recite useless history issue for examination .  The rest time 30% , we play bored games , like football , ping pong , basketball …. ( sorry for the word “bored games” because we repeat everyday , but have 0% of any creative project , and thanks for 30% time of sports , I get a health body )

Senior high school ,  We spend 99% time on study on “Chinese , Math ,  English , Physics , Chemistry” , we must get the highest score to enter university . We can not play , we can not think or even have other idea  , Only repeat study bored things  ( Sorry for the word “bored things , because most of the course are proved useless after graduation , I like math , physics , chemistry more , but at last i get sick because of STUDY HARD )

So that is our life in Chinese course , everyone have to waste time to learn useless course … ( A good example is , if you are major in English course in University , the teach require student to learn Japanese , if Japanese not pass , can not get bachelor degree , but remember , major in English ! Why must learn Japanese ???)  , We have no choice .

Yes , “Geniuses are not always A-grade students. ” , I agree but in our country , only A-grade students can get university course .  B , C, D grade students have not much support ,  in fact , the education system is bad here .

Maybe complain this too much …..

It is regret that I am too old and must work hard for lives , can not join google science fair ,  if ask what is my question , i have to say : How to make our education system as better as google’s idea ?

OK , Finally , thanks for google talents , you did a good job !

Magento 1.6 install google content api issue

Recently install the google content API module into my magento

My idea is to upload some products to google base only , the installation is not easy , I have to create lots of attributes to meet google feed’s requirement ,

Uncategorized-Magento 1.6 install google content api issue -1

But finally when i finish everything I get error code :

Error code: auth/frontend/whitelisted. Internal reason: Customer xxxxxxx has not been whitelisted for the Content API for Shopping.

Uncategorized-Magento 1.6 install google content api issue -2

I search info and know that I need to apply the whitelist permission from google ( Unknow why they create such a useful API but not allow people use it ! )

But after writing a long email , google staffs just reply as below :

Dear winsion,

Thanks for contacting us. Your request for using Content API for Shopping has been declined. Please upload your product with data feed. Please find more information about data feed as follows.



Google Shopping Team

The answer is polite but without any explains on why not allow . 🙁  That make me quite disappoint .