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Play 3DMAX 2010 after 10 years, feeling good

Long time not to use 3dmax .

In my memory , I studied it at least 10 years ago , at that time , I studied 3DS 4.0 in 386 computer , added a IC for float computering , named as 387 ,  then in about 1999 , I used 3DMAX 2.5 in MMX166 computer ,  then was familar with 3DMAX 3.1 ….. At that moment , I did not graduate yet .

One of my leg was in 3D design field already but when i practiced in an 3D design company in the 1st month, it is very hard working , no development  and extreme low salary , but boss and manager earned 100 times more than ours …  but we were working like going to die .   At  that moment , I had thought that I can try other design company , but they were almost the same , more over ,  they needed hand drawing ! But I was not good at this .  (the company used Pentium 400 only )

So I have to go . God save me because I major in foreign trade in university , so that at last I ran out of 3D design , worked in Export field for 10 years .

Today , I meet 3D designer in our spa design company , their design is so good , my interest in 3d design does not  lose yet , so i re-install 3DMAX 2010 in our fast, 2.3G AMD Quad-core processor 32bit Win7 , and play 3DMAX for a while .

Although there are lots of new module like VRAY 1.5 , Fur ,  but the base system of 3DMAX is almost the same , so i can remember fast . ( I was expert in 3DMAX  🙂

Create first model in Nurbs method , please check :

3D design-Play 3DMAX 2010 after 10 years, feeling good

    3DMAX2010  has so many control data , it is hard to make it looks like reality , and I don’t think my job is 3D design again ,  I just hope to use it whenever necessary .

I would rather learn Solidwork later  , that is more practical .

Will publish more interesting design when there is time .

3dmax 2009 can not read 3dmax 2010 max files

today a classmate dealing home lights contact me that  her customer send a sofa design file and urgent to convert as autocad for production .

i would like to help because i think it is  easy and iam good at 3dmax before .  when i open it  with my 3dmax 2009 there are some errors , i thought it was because of missing plugins , of course she told me file in 2008 3dmax .

i try to install  the vray plugin but it seems that missing other dll  files . then work hard to find out whole afternoon !!!

at last i am tired , i want to give up ,  then finally use a software  test  files version .  DAMM It is 3dmax 2010 files . Have to waste  some hours to download and install.

finally  suceed to convert max file to dwg for autocad 2007.

however  her custoner play a good joke to tell my classmate that it is created by 3dmax 2008 , and the autodesk company should correct their software to indicate which version of file going to be imported!

Lucky is that my ckassmate will support my own business plan with their  home light products . I must create a site of her beautiful home lamps.

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3D design-3dmax 2009 can not read 3dmax 2010 max files