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Resolve : MYSQL #1366 – Incorrect integer value: ” for column ‘id’ at row 1

Today when import SQL into sheet , an error happen :

#1366 – Incorrect integer value: ” for column ‘id’ at row 1,after searching info , i notice it is because of mysql 5.x ,  if the value is null , before can be ” , today has to write NULL。

Official news also says , for solve this  “bug”, can remove default value during install MYSQL :  enable strict SQL mode

But I have installed !!!  If by this way , I have to revised code to insert NULL in the future , but the code is not my works too !

So if try to solve , we can do it in server “my.ini” . Here is the method :


change it to sql-mode=”NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION”,then reboo MYSQL , trouble resolved .

Another thing is  : I am using BT panel to control , so my.ini locate in “/etc/my.cnf ” ..

——- write here hope to help others , good luck guys !

I feel interest on this Grasshopper hinged dissection

Amazing to see this in news email , just I don’t have enough time to test , there are many usage for this example .

Just remark here and thanks for author .


Another sample for morph stuff :

I did experiment a bit with using the Grasshopper cage morph stuff I posted here for this.

I warn that this is far from a conventional skeletal posing/animation workflow like you might use in Blender/Poser etc. and it is still far from easy – you have to manually move the cage points in the right way to not stretch or squash the form too much – and for very dramatic changes in pose it will probably break down.
Anyway, here it is if you want to try:


03.02.2017 startupgrind GuangZhou

Tonight I attend startupgrind fair to see Steven Hoffman. He is a good teacher. 

1. what is starupgrind.

2.why we rate first.

3. what will be next to AI. Will our brain download knowledge from cloud ? 

4. what free lesson to get after create startup .

5. Find a good team .

6. CEO is important .

7. how to find funds. 

8. AD time : his new book “make elephant fly.”

QA: what is difference between idealab and starup. 

so many confused question … ( ´▽` )

understand new technology is important for future. 

Uncategorized-03.02.2017 startupgrind GuangZhou -1

Uncategorized-03.02.2017 startupgrind GuangZhou -2

Uncategorized-03.02.2017 startupgrind GuangZhou -3

In Silicon Valley, Steven Hoffman is known as Captain Hoff. He’s the Captain and Chairman of Founders Space, where he has educated and trained hundreds of startup founders and corporate executives in the art of innovation.

Founders Space was ranked a Top 10 Incubator inInc. Magazine and the#1 Accelerator for startups coming to Silicon Valley from overseas in Forbes Magazine.

Always innovating on his life, Hoffman has tried more professions than cats have lives, including serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, angel investor, mobile studio head, computer engineer, filmmaker, Hollywood TV exec, published author, coder, game designer, manga rewriter, animator and voice actor.

As a boy Hoffman dreamed of making movies and games. He created over 50 short films and 80 games before graduating high school. Pursuing his passions, he earned a BS in Computer Engineering from UC Santa Barbara and a Masters in Cinema Television from USC.

His first job in Hollywood was reading TV scripts, but he quickly rose to development executive. Moving to Japan, he went on to work at Sega, where his group collaborated with Hollywood on interactive movies and games.

Upon returning to Silicon Valley, Hoffman founded LavaMind, which produced dozens of online and mobile games, as well as designed digital products for Disney, Qualcomm, Intel, MetLife and Sesame Workshop.

Hoffman launched Spiderdance, his second startup, producing interactive TV shows for MTV, NBC, Warner Brothers, TBS, Sony and A&E. At the same time, Hoffman helped found the Academy of Television’s Interactive Media Group and the Producers Guild New Media Council.

After writing a book on game design, Hoffman joined Infospace, as their North American Studio Head, where he ran US mobile games. Hoffman then cofounded three venture funded startups focused on media, games and entertainment.

[Video] No Oxygen tank ! Dreamlike sexy mermaid dive show under 10 meter water

On last Sunday I brought my daughter to visit the big shopping mall in Guangzhou , we didn’t buy thing , we went to the “Ocean Park” (Yes , the Ocean park is inside the shopping mall !!!)

At first , I had thought the park is small or even tiny , doesn’t has many animal , but at last I feel I am wrong .

It is a medium size Ocean Park and there are still interesting fish / creature there . But the most amazing show is : Dreamlike sexy mermaid dive show under 10 meter water , and No Oxygen Tank support at all !

I can not say how beautiful it is ,,,  just take the video as above . ( Slow network here , I spend whole day to upload !!!)

Good to share everywhere in the world .

Sorry to late publish this video because I didn’t touch Premiere for a long time to link those video clip together . If you are in GuangZhou now , call me to go there !  :-))

————– update mermaid interesting gif…


Sheet for checking Diamond’s weight and diameter

Are you interest in Jewelry business ? Me too !

as I know more and more about this business , today I know each diamond on Jewelry has their standard specification , that means , if go to buy raw diamond from market , the supplier just ask you what diameter each you want or what’s the weight each you want .

So if you want to make a 10g ring , you have to consider how many pcs of what diameter on the ring .

Here is a sheet for this field , just for compare diamond weight and diameter in local market .

If want to involve more , recite it !

How to use Sublime as external code editor in FileLocator Pro

   Today I found a good code tool , FileLocator Pro , just to search target words within any type of files , like html , php , txt etc., 

I like it much because it looks very clear . But I notice bottom right is able to view only , can not edit file at the same time , that means have to use external editor .  At present I am using sublime as code editor , after reference Editplus and other choice’s , I know “$(FILEPATH)” is to open the file accordingly , but the working line is not the same between Filelocator & sublime ,

The filelocator provide choice to link Editplus so as others,  there is no sublime linking method . ( that means when turn on external editor , it just stay in row 1 , can not locate to same place as FileLocator’s , it is obviously not friendly play .)

filelocator -1

I spend whole afternoon to find a result in internet , until at night , I found a link ,

where wrote this :

Application=C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 2\sublime_text.exe

filelocator config -2

i test half hour to get correct answer : 


Now when I click open external editor in right corner some where , for example row 99 ,  the sublime will turn on and locate to same line , row 99

I am very pleased to solve this and get useful tools for future development tonight.