Rare offer, hid reverse light kit for car rear

As more and more install hid headlight to see front clear , how is other car position , for example , car rear light in red mask , most of the car are same low brightness and dim ,

some extreme guy in local market aim at this market , quickly create a new product : Hid reverse light kit , custom design the rear light , increase brightness , here are two pics to show what is that :

hid reverse light Ballast -1 hid reverse light bulb -2

The light use smaller and shorter bulb to try to fit the small rear lamp , and use special ballast & cables to link both lights ,

It is obviously that hid light will generate more heat which might burn the red lamp cover , and there is possible that some rear lamp is too small to fit this bulb . If happened , you might have to change bigger rear lamp at your side .

This hid reverse light kit is for extreme car aftermarket , and  for extreme guys ! You must take your own discretion to purchase and install , because this is not a common product , I can not provide guarantee ..

Finally , more and more place does not allow custom hid headlight on car ( but original car hid headlight is OK ) , please respect your side’s law . ( if off-road purpose , it is OK 🙂

OK , when got clear and you are willing to try , you can contact me to purchase this hid reverse light .

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