3D print golden lion with furs in one time

hello Everybody , i will try to make a small company in 2017 , at the beginning , let me post what I did here ,

Here is the 3D print golden lion with furs , I get model from Thingiverse , and test in my custom design printer , it works well .

Now I know how to create models (with furs )  by Rhino & Grasshopper ,  if any one need , just pay some coins then I will try to make .

Enjoy to talk with me !

lion02 -1

lion01 -2

lion04 -3 lion03 -4lion09 -5 lion05 -6 lion06 -7 lion07 -8 lion08 -9

[Video] No Oxygen tank ! Dreamlike sexy mermaid dive show under 10 meter water

On last Sunday I brought my daughter to visit the big shopping mall in Guangzhou , we didn’t buy thing , we went to the “Ocean Park” (Yes , the Ocean park is inside the shopping mall !!!)

At first , I had thought the park is small or even tiny , doesn’t has many animal , but at last I feel I am wrong .

It is a medium size Ocean Park and there are still interesting fish / creature there . But the most amazing show is : Dreamlike sexy mermaid dive show under 10 meter water , and No Oxygen Tank support at all !

I can not say how beautiful it is ,,,  just take the video as above . ( Slow network here , I spend whole day to upload !!!)

Good to share everywhere in the world .

Sorry to late publish this video because I didn’t touch Premiere for a long time to link those video clip together . If you are in GuangZhou now , call me to go there !  :-))

————– update mermaid interesting gif…


[Video] Use Grasshopper Firefly to connect Servo or Stepper motor

Long time not to appear , I suppose no one like to research such thing except me !

So how to control arm bot from computer side ? ( arm bot installed Servo or Stepper ) ,


I don’t like to use Arduino #C , because it is really hard and complicated . At last I feel Grasshopper + Firely is the best .

In the beginning I use Servo , it is pretty easy , just the Servo is too poor , it is not accurate at all . Here is the video .

Another video .

But when start to write ,it is poor looking , because the Servo is too poor  .

So at last I try to use Stepper to try , here is the 1st stepper to test in Grasshopper firefly .

Then I install it on my arm bot , For cost reason (Actually it is because of my poor wallet) , I use 28BYJ , the smallest and cheapest one .

First test after installation , notice I have revised the stepper motor by manual , it is tough looking . haha~

But at the beginning , there is a big issue , and I almost give up !

it is lucky that I resolve it . Here is another success small video.

Wow , is that smooth moving ?  let’s zoom it out !

I spend some months to make such thing , it is really waste time , but I love this hand-working-and-research .

Upload this article , just hopes the world won’t forget my efforts .

Recently i am trying tiny product’s 3d print

I think the huge 3d print development should stop to wait more funds to throw into…

These days i get some inquiry to print small things. For example : little statue , Jewerly, watch back cover . They require small 3d print and beautiful surface like SLA +/-0.1mm .

Occasionly I test 0.06mm layer height by my huge 3 meter 3d printer , just print some rings, it is surprised that it works ! Here is pictures.

IMG20150929172733 -1 microMsg.1443001960478 -2 mmexport1442832141145 -3

Such thing encourage me to revise my small kossel 3d printer to print Jewerly . Now I have finished design new printer extruder , it seems improve quality.

These days I will try to revise the frame , i have purchased linear bearing , this revision should be hard works, hopr that everything will be fine later .

I hope final resolution can reach +/-0.02mm or even same as SLA +/-0.01mm . Revising the small machine these days .

3D Print big model of respected Bruce Lee statue

Long time to “dive into sea” for a long time because of many study plan and working .

Today  I announce that my Big delta 3D printer is able to print 800mm diameter & 1.5 meter height of many things . Such as : Bruce Lee statue which is successful to print one month ago . ( Sorry I am too busy to update instantly . So my Huge 3D printer is OK to work and accept design from oversea .

Here is the pictures of progress of stumble :

IMG20150706161151 -1

IMG20150707171338 -2

See some trouble on head of shoe ? My fault on slice parameter  !

IMG20150708173953 -3

Fixed by some putty to adhere temporary . Go on printing .

IMG20150711122604 -4

IMG20150711100033 -5

Start to leg , but I meet trouble soon ! After I used out 1 roll PLA material , I start with new one , but notice there is color difference .

IMG20150718093311 -6

IMG20150718105656 -7

Poor PLA vendor didn’t take any responsibility for that , so i had to go on and forget this vendor forever !

IMG20150723085009 -8

IMG20150724173922 -9

Almost waist , the model start to shake … I use a chair to stable it !

IMG20150805174613 -10

Chair is not enough , now to support start to shake , I try to use glue , help a little only .

IMG20150730125005 -11

Trouble comes one by one and fix it by hand slowly .

IMG20150730125033 -12

microMsg.1439004031547 -13

That is because of poor material ! At last I found it . Later I decide to use another vendor’s material , so color change again .

IMG20150814115157 -14

It is stable now , everything works good !

IMG_20150817_142648 -15

IMG_20150817_142832 -16

Here is the total height .

IMG_20150827_084611 -17

IMG_20150817_142610 -18 IMG_20150902_225113 -19

IMG20150825121044 -20

Now my big 3D printed Bruce Li is showing for visitor …

IMG_20150827_185152 -21

OK , 3D print big model is not an easy job , I got lessons this time .

600mm length model was printed by my huge 3d printer

I get a demand from boss’s friend , he hope to print an object for a car . Wait 1 – 2 weeks until his engineer send me the 3D design artwork , but their UG poor designer create a bad model , can not use in Solidworks as well as 3D slice software .

Later he output files as *.stl , then I start to print . The first challenge is to level / adjust my huge 3D printer’s bed , I waste about one week to adjust step by step , and I found my 3mm aluminum ground seems not smooth . ( But it is still OK to try . )

firstlayer -1It is lucky that I succeed in one time , no need to adjust any more . After waste some hours printing , I notice the support’s density is too much , waste time and money , so I stop the Huge 3D Printer , and re-create the slice gcode . I joint it carefully and it looks no difference in model appearance . Here is final looking of the printed model .

Is it fine enough ? Each layer is 0.2mm .

IMG_20150427_121437 -2 IMG_20150427_121451 -3 IMG_20150427_100214 -4 IMG_20150427_100222 -5 IMG_20150427_100231 -6 IMG_20150427_100248 -7

Going to 3D print a bar light (beer pouring)

I just get an interesting stuff for coffee / cafe / bar , a special design lighting base , just put on a LED light and bottle and turn it on , as long as put on the table at night , it will be attractive .

At present I only have semitransparent color PLA , it looks white color only , if have customer ordered , I will buy other color material .

beer pouring (1) -1 beer pouring (2) -2 beer pouring (3) -3 beer pouring (4) -4 beer pouring (5) -5 beer pouring (1) -6

3D print can do almost any shape , I will keep on studying it .

Four rabbit 3D print and surface treatment

As my customer want better looking of 3d print rabbit , I feel pressure on surface treatment . Just force myself to do it !
Firstly I printed four white rabbit .

image -1

Then started to try to polish surface to make.it smooth , i tried tools, paints , spray , muds and chemical method .

image -2

image -3

image -4

At last , l tested a lot, it seems only muds might be good .

Here is mud cover then polish looking .

image -5

another one use spray gold color.

image -6

How about paint and spray ?

image -7

Please notice i was sending 3d print samples to my customer .

Surface treatment is a hard and complicated works . I need to put more time on it to research .

First project : Ceramic Rabbit 3D scan and 3D print

A local customer send me a blue ceramic rabbit as attached picture , he request to copy as 1/2 size , 3d print to him for reference , I am thinking he should use it to make as toys .

blue rabbit (1) -1 blue rabbit (2) -2I am the first time to handle such stuffs , you can see the reflection on rabbit body is big , most of 3D scanner can not scan reflect items like metal , glass , liquid etc., I try to find ideas from scanner maker , it is lucky that they just find out a solution to scan . See below pics , I am scanning the blue rabbit !

scanning rabbit (2) -3 scanning rabbit (1) -4

Rabbit is set on the round plate , which is able to rotate 360 degree by hand or electrical power ( motor inside ) , use a special design portable hand-held 3d scanner to scan , I suppose they use Kinect technology and enhance it . ( For some reason I can not display that 3D scanner here , but it is not expensive ! )

After scanning , there is still some stuffs on 3D model , I have to use Geomagic to remove it !

IMG_20150402_131020 -5

Now , it cover with wooden texture , looks like better .

Then I spend whole day to adjust 3D printer parameter  and print it .  Here is the final pictures .

microMsg.1427793748885 -6 microMsg.1427793863687 -7 microMsg.1427793982744 -8

The white 3D rabbit is 0.2mm layer height , speed about 70mm/s , 210 centigrade extrude heating .