My 3D printer-I booked Kossel 800 3D printer

I booked Kossel 800 3D printer

As I research market more , I notice more and more people jump into trading feild in China , good products are always sold out but poor design products are hard to find customer however paid for advertisement . I start to feel that I should step into product development field , or sooner or later , I can not provide a good products .

Firstly I studied 3D design software : Rhino 3D , which is mainly design for shaping . ( I have no interest to study Pro/E or Solidworks , because those mainly face to molds . I would rather place my design to technician rahter than I involve into the deep sea of molding .

Secondly , I booked the cheapest and still said good quality 3D printer : Kossel 800 , some weeks ago , it is just about USD250 shipped , FDM working method , but able to revise the length / height , or even upgrade as laser cutting machine , CNC machine , PCB printer easily . Another reason is I notice this machine is created by a Chinese talent whom is carefully for his products , his previous products are all good remarks , so he should be a good boy to create Kossel 800. Here is a big picture to show Kossel 800 3D printer .

kossel 800 parts list -1

Until today , I have waited Kossel 800 3D printer for some weeks , some one got the machine yesterday because he booked earlier , he print a gift for his daughter , the 3D output seems good enough .

kossel 800 first output -2

The Kossel 3D 800 printer’s design and quality should be up to the market’s FDM commercial 3D printer , the difference is just in what material it use . It says that if poor material is also OK , just the model because ugly , have to polish by yourself .

OK , just some days left the machine will come to me , I will upload more news about it .

4 thoughts on “I booked Kossel 800 3D printer”

  1. Hi, can I know where you bought this 3D printer?
    I searched the web for kossel K800 but found prices higher than the one you said.


    1. Long time not to talk , the K800 printer from China , it is not easy to find , you are from where ? thanks

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