3D print works-Recently i am trying tiny product’s 3d print

Recently i am trying tiny product’s 3d print

I think the huge 3d print development should stop to wait more funds to throw into…

These days i get some inquiry to print small things. For example : little statue , Jewerly, watch back cover . They require small 3d print and beautiful surface like SLA +/-0.1mm .

Occasionly I test 0.06mm layer height by my huge 3 meter 3d printer , just print some rings, it is surprised that it works ! Here is pictures.

IMG20150929172733 -1 microMsg.1443001960478 -2 mmexport1442832141145 -3

Such thing encourage me to revise my small kossel 3d printer to print Jewerly . Now I have finished design new printer extruder , it seems improve quality.

These days I will try to revise the frame , i have purchased linear bearing , this revision should be hard works, hopr that everything will be fine later .

I hope final resolution can reach +/-0.02mm or even same as SLA +/-0.01mm . Revising the small machine these days .

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