3D print works-First project : Ceramic Rabbit 3D scan and 3D print

First project : Ceramic Rabbit 3D scan and 3D print

A local customer send me a blue ceramic rabbit as attached picture , he request to copy as 1/2 size , 3d print to him for reference , I am thinking he should use it to make as toys .

blue rabbit (1) -1 blue rabbit (2) -2I am the first time to handle such stuffs , you can see the reflection on rabbit body is big , most of 3D scanner can not scan reflect items like metal , glass , liquid etc., I try to find ideas from scanner maker , it is lucky that they just find out a solution to scan . See below pics , I am scanning the blue rabbit !

scanning rabbit (2) -3 scanning rabbit (1) -4

Rabbit is set on the round plate , which is able to rotate 360 degree by hand or electrical power ( motor inside ) , use a special design portable hand-held 3d scanner to scan , I suppose they use Kinect technology and enhance it . ( For some reason I can not display that 3D scanner here , but it is not expensive ! )

After scanning , there is still some stuffs on 3D model , I have to use Geomagic to remove it !

IMG_20150402_131020 -5

Now , it cover with wooden texture , looks like better .

Then I spend whole day to adjust 3D printer parameter  and print it .  Here is the final pictures .

microMsg.1427793748885 -6 microMsg.1427793863687 -7 microMsg.1427793982744 -8

The white 3D rabbit is 0.2mm layer height , speed about 70mm/s , 210 centigrade extrude heating .



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