3D print works-600mm length model was printed by my huge 3d printer

600mm length model was printed by my huge 3d printer

I get a demand from boss’s friend , he hope to print an object for a car . Wait 1 – 2 weeks until his engineer send me the 3D design artwork , but their UG poor designer create a bad model , can┬ánot use in Solidworks as well as 3D slice software .

Later he output files as *.stl , then I start to print . The first challenge is to level / adjust my huge 3D printer’s bed , I waste about one week to adjust step by step , and I found my 3mm aluminum ground seems not smooth . ( But it is still OK to try . )

firstlayer -1It is lucky that I succeed in one time , no need to adjust any more . After waste some hours printing , I notice the support’s density is too much , waste time and money , so I stop the Huge 3D Printer , and re-create the slice gcode . I joint it carefully and it looks no difference in model appearance . Here is final looking of the printed model .

Is it fine enough ? Each layer is 0.2mm .

IMG_20150427_121437 -2 IMG_20150427_121451 -3 IMG_20150427_100214 -4 IMG_20150427_100222 -5 IMG_20150427_100231 -6 IMG_20150427_100248 -7

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