3D print works-3D Print big model of respected Bruce Lee statue

3D Print big model of respected Bruce Lee statue

Long time to “dive into sea” for a long time because of many study plan and working .

Today  I announce that my Big delta 3D printer is able to print 800mm diameter & 1.5 meter height of many things . Such as : Bruce Lee statue which is successful to print one month ago . ( Sorry I am too busy to update instantly . So my Huge 3D printer is OK to work and accept design from oversea .

Here is the pictures of progress of stumble :

IMG20150706161151 -1

IMG20150707171338 -2

See some trouble on head of shoe ? My fault on slice parameter  !

IMG20150708173953 -3

Fixed by some putty to adhere temporary . Go on printing .

IMG20150711122604 -4

IMG20150711100033 -5

Start to leg , but I meet trouble soon ! After I used out 1 roll PLA material , I start with new one , but notice there is color difference .

IMG20150718093311 -6

IMG20150718105656 -7

Poor PLA vendor didn’t take any responsibility for that , so i had to go on and forget this vendor forever !

IMG20150723085009 -8

IMG20150724173922 -9

Almost waist , the model start to shake … I use a chair to stable it !

IMG20150805174613 -10

Chair is not enough , now to support start to shake , I try to use glue , help a little only .

IMG20150730125005 -11

Trouble comes one by one and fix it by hand slowly .

IMG20150730125033 -12

microMsg.1439004031547 -13

That is because of poor material ! At last I found it . Later I decide to use another vendor’s material , so color change again .

IMG20150814115157 -14

It is stable now , everything works good !

IMG_20150817_142648 -15

IMG_20150817_142832 -16

Here is the total height .

IMG_20150827_084611 -17

IMG_20150817_142610 -18 IMG_20150902_225113 -19

IMG20150825121044 -20

Now my big 3D printed Bruce Li is showing for visitor …

IMG_20150827_185152 -21

OK , 3D print big model is not an easy job , I got lessons this time .

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