Huge delta 3d printer challenge Eiffel Tower model for test

huge 3d printer test eiffel tower -1

No matter whom has a 3D-printer , people finally like to challenge the hardest model to see if their 3D printer is good , so do I .

The 3D printing mainly parameters are : 0.2mm layer height , 60 ~ 70mm/s which is already several times more than those X-Y-Z 3d printer in local market . ( I don’t like to use 30mm/s like them , it is certainly not my research direction .

I spend some days on it . At first , I buy some turbo fans , print retainer and tight it on effector ( some fans threw away ) , and I adjust the parameters to reduce extruded drawing issues , then test other small models to evaluate if my huge delta 3d printer is good enough , finally I decide to change to use the best PLA material I can find locally , although it is expensive , I hope it helps .

Some one separated the model for 4 pieces because model is quite big , but when I slice the biggest one , my poor computer almost can not stand  ( what a big model !!!), I test the smallest part ( top part first ) , the effect is amazing , but the extrude speed parameter is low , 3cm base is broken , later I have to use “Breakpoint continue” technique to joint .

the 2nd part ( count from top ) is easy , I don’t meet any troubles,  but the 3rd part slicing software has trouble , one unexpected layer appear , whatever I try , it is there , it seems the model has small issue . Then I keep on printing .

The 4th part is the biggest , and waste 10+ hours , when printing on Railing , I notice this part is extreme slim , a small mistake might cause wholly failure , I change the printing speed and extrude volume immediately to avoid troubles , so the tower railing is there , not like those poor machine , railing is disappear at all . 🙂 When grows up , the structure become horrible , each place is almost point to point print , In order to be faster , I am crazy to raise the speed to about 70mm/s . ( As I thought , poor printing structure is hide inside , unless you split my model , you won’t see it …

Finally , I glue four parts together and here is some pictures . I feel satisfied on my huge delta 3d printer , if speed is slow , it is accurate enough to print anything as long as it is big , and it is stable to bear hours hard printing . But I also notice my expensive PLA material seems Stickiness is not enough , so I have purchased other expensive material to wait for test later .

Huge 3d printer is not easy to handle , I put lot of times to taste how it is , hope that people will like it and give me some supports on orders !

IMG_20150319_114333 -2 IMG20150316135840 -3 IMG_20150312_173133 -4 IMG_20150312_173654 -5 IMG_20150319_114131 -6 IMG_20150319_114203 -7 IMG_20150319_114255 -8 IMG_20150319_114311 -9

IMG20150316173131 -10 IMG20150317113530 -11


Super big delta style 3D printer is made !

Hello , everybody !  I silence for a long time and seems disappear , in fact , I am designing a big machine : Huge delta 3D printer ,

my hugh big 3d printer -1


When I talked my thoughts to friends , every one think I am crazy , it is impossible to work with such limit funds support , I insist on it this time because I saw other one is successful .  After months and months , day and night install & test , until today , it works !!! ( I feel I am luck , I almost give up …  
:-p )

huge 3d printer bed -2

According my test, max diameter 800mm is OK  (I think it can reach 1 meter square , but I make small mistake on design ) , and max height 1500mm is possible , ( I think it can be 1700mm , but I make another mistake too ) , the material can be PLA at present , I really hope to make ABS and other later .

It doesn’t matter ! the most important thing is , it works at the beginning  !!!

About the building progress , it is really not easy :

1. I have to find a big place to prepare , at last I throw away a table in my office .
2. I have to find the long aluminum support , very long and hard to take back , I paid a lot in extra express fee , but at last , I have to take it by myself , I put in on my arm and walk thousands of meter !
3. I have to waste lots of time on designing structure and waste some money at the beginning too .
4. I have to climb ladders by myself and tight each screw .
5. I link wires by myself , some is too long , some is short , have to joint together .
6. I burned electric board twice ! what a pain !
7. My huge 3d printer bed design is totally wrong , I waste a lot of money there and I have to give up whole design .
8. Crazy adjustment is behind ,  I spend of leveling for at least one month !

I think I can write a big book for eating such stuff one by one .  Now , it start work as I expect ,  I will publish more info later ,  Thanks the god ! and have a good day , everybody !