Why jewelry factory does not have laser cutting machine

These two days I try to find a Jewel factory which has YAG laser cutting ,but hard to find , at last I give up . I think it is rare in China
An experienced laser cutting seller tell me below Reasons :

1. Expensive : laser cut for Silver is more expensive than metal , because metal is less reflection , but silver is more .

2. Loss rate : Laser cut on Silver will burn the silver , cause the loss of each silver is far more than handmade one , for silver or gold material , loss rate means money .

3. Machine error rate: Because silver has bigger reflection , so machine watt is up , so as heat up , but when laser light reflect from silver surface , it burn on laser head too , so the machine error rate raise .

4. Other reason like : labor price is lower than lasers , processing method / skill / range , those limit laser cut on silver and gold .

So only laser mark is work on silver / gold market now .

Google established my Authorship

I got an email with excitement that Google allow my authorship .
You’ve established your Authorship, which means your photo and a link to your profile can now appear next to your content in search results.
It will benefit my future market promotion , I really have many things to publish later , see below to know why :
When your Authorship information appears, it will look something like this:

Your page title

Methods to find duplicate text in Google doc spreadsheet column’s cell then delete it

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I hope my name “Winsion Liang” will become a brand in internet in the future . Good night everybody